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Recent work has been largely confidential, however here is a selection of published manuscripts. A full list is available on request.


Graves R, Francis M, Smith L, Cook J, Adie EJ (2006), GPCR Internalization Measured by Image Analysis. Book chapter in Handbook
of Assay Development in Drug Discovery
by Lisa K Minor (Edition: 1st ISBN10: 1574444719 ISBN13: 9781574444711)
Adie E J, Francis M J, Davies J, Smith L, Marenghi A, Hather C, Hadingham K, Michael N P, Milligan G, Game S (2003), CypHer 5: A Generic Approach
for Measuring the Activation and Trafficking of G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Live Cells
Assay and Drug Development Technology 1:251-260
Murphy S, Capper S J, Hancock S M, Adie E J, Roquemore E P, Price-Jones M, Game S, Swinburne S (2003), Is z’ the best assessment of the quality of cellular assays delivering higher content? Society of Biomolecular Screening 9th conference.
Adie E J, Kalinka S, Smith L, Francis M J, Marenghi A, Cooper M E, Briggs M, Michael P, Milligan G, Game S (2002), A pH-sensitive fluor, CypHer 5, used to monitor agonist-induced G-protein-coupled receptor internalisation in live cells BioTechniques 33:1152-1157
Roquemore E P, Adie E J, Cox H, Roche K, Davies J, Stubbs S, Francis M J, Michael N P and Thomas N (2002), High-Throughput Multi-parameter Single Cell Analysis Society of Biomolecular Screening 8th conference.
Turner J, Murphy S, Adie E J, Williams A and Price-Jones M (2002), High throughput multiplexed cellular toxicology Society of Biomolecular Screening 8th conference.
Milligan G, Kim G D, Mullaney I, Adie E J (1995), Regulation of cellular Gs alpha levels and basal adenylyl cyclase activity by expression of the beta 2-adrenoceptor in neuroblastoma cell lines Mol Cell Biol 149-150:213-6.
Adie E J, Milligan G (1994), Agonist regulation of cellular Gs alpha-subunit levels in neuroblastoma x glioma hybrid NG108-15 cells transfected to express different levels of the human beta 2-adrenoceptor Biochem J 300:709-15.
Kim G D, Adie E J, Milligan G (1994), Quantitative stoichiomety of the proteins of the stimulatory arm of the adenylyl cyclase cascade in neuroblastoma x glioma hybrid, NG108-15 cells Eur J Biochem 219:135-43.
Adie E J, Mullaney I, McKenzie F R, Milligan G (1992), Concurrent down-regulation of IP prostanoid receptors and the alpha-subunit of the stimulatory guanine-nucleotide-binding protein Gs during prolonged exposure of neuroblastoma x glioma cells to prostanoid agonists. Quantification and functional implications Biochem J 285:529-36.

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